Visitors are Ahl al-Bayt’s neighbours

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  • Abū Usāma narrates: I heard Imām Jaʿfar al-Ṣādiq(a) say: “Those who wish to be raised near the station of their Prophet(s), ʾAmīr al-Muʾminīn(a), and Lady Fāṭima(a) should not neglect performing the ziyārah of al-Ḥusayn b. ʿAlī(a).”

  • Abū Baṣīr narrates: I heard Imām Muḥammad al-Bāqir(a) say, “Those who wish for their final abode to be Heaven should not neglect performing the ziyārah of the Oppressed One.”

    I asked, “Who is the Oppressed One?”

    Imām(a) replied, “Al-Ḥusayn b. ʿAlī(a), the Man of Karbalā. Allāh will make those who perform his ziyārah while longing for him and with love for Rasūl Allāh(s), love for Lady Fāṭima(a), and love for ʾAmīr al-Muʾminīn(a) to sit at the table spread of Heaven. They will be dining with them while others are still at reckoning.”

  • Imām Jaʿfar al-Ṣādiq(a) narrates: “Allāh(s) has devoted angels to the grave of al-Ḥusayn( a). When a person decides to perform the ziyārah of al-Ḥusayn(a) and after he performs ghusl, Muḥammad(s) will call out to them and say, “O’ guests of Allāh! Be pleased for you shall join me in Heaven.”