Allāh’s Rewards

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  • ʿAbdullah Taḥān recounts: Imām Ṣādiq(a) once shared, "On the Day of Judgment, all will envy those who performed the ziyārah of Ḥusayn(a), as they witness the distinction and deference Allah bestows upon these visitors."

  • Imām Ṣādiq(a) said, "Those who wish to find themselves seated at a celestial banquet of light on the Day of Judgment should perform the ziyārah of Ḥusayn b. ʿAlī(a)."

  • Narrated by Mufaḍḍal b. 'Umar: Imām Ṣādiq(a) said, "By Allah, I envision an assembly of angels surrounding the believers at Ḥusayn's grave." I queried, "Do these angels reveal themselves to the believers?" The Imām(a) replied, "By Allah, they are attached to the believers, touching their faces gently. Morning and evening, heavenly sustenance descends for Ḥusayn's visitors, served by these angels. Any requests they make, whether worldly or otherworldly, Allah fulfils them." Stunned, I said, "By Allah, this is an immense honour." The Imām(a) asked, "O' Mufaḍḍal! Shall I elaborate further?" Eagerly, I responded, "Yes, master." The Imām(a) continued, "I envision a radiant throne of light erected beneath a dome of red rubies, adorned with precious gems, encircled by ninety thousand verdant domes. Ḥusayn(a) is seated upon this throne, receiving visitors and their salutations. Allah addresses them, 'O' My friends! After a long period of hardship, humiliation, and oppression, today is the day when no request, earthly or divine, will go unfulfilled.'" The Imām(a) concluded, "Their nourishment comes from Heaven, and by Allah, this unending blessing is of immeasurable magnitude."