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The esteemed Shi'ite scholars and historians in their books relay an account from Ḥasan b. Mathleh Jamkarānī - a man of sterling character, moral rectitude, and a devoted follower of the Ahlul Bayt(a). This account relates to the construction of the Sacred Jamkarān Mosque in the outskirts of Qom, and is shared as follows:

In the peaceful village of Jamkarān, on a Tuesday night, the 17th day of the revered month of Ramaḍān in the year 393 A.H, I found myself awakened from my sleep well past midnight by an assembly of individuals who approached me saying:

"Arise, O Ḥasan! The call of your Lord and the Master of the Age - Imām Mahdī(a) - is upon you." Stirred by this command, I immediately stirred to get ready, requesting, "Allow me to clothe myself."

In the bewildering darkness, I reached for a shirt only to hear a voice advising, "Ḥasan, this is not yours, do not wear it." Upon finding and donning my own attire, I searched for the key to my door, only to be told that it had already been opened.

Stepping outside, I was greeted by a gathering of venerable personalities to whom I offered salutations. They reciprocated kindly and then guided me to the current site of the Sacred Jamkarān Mosque. To my amazement, I saw a plush couch adorned with fine carpets and cushions, upon which rested a dignified young man of approximately thirty years. Beside him, an elder with a noble countenance held a book, reading to the young man.

Surrounding them were over sixty people, clad in white and green, engrossed in their prayers and praises of Allah Almighty. A sudden realisation dawned upon me that the young man was indeed Imām Mahdī(a), and the elderly figure was none other than Prophet Khiḍr(a). They invited me to join them, and then the Imām(a) imparted his command:

"O' Ḥasan! Seek out Ḥasan b. Muslim - the tenant farmer of this land - and deliver my message. For five years, he has disregarded my warnings and continued to cultivate this sacred land. This blessed land holds a special place in the eyes of Allah Almighty, yet he still plans to farm it this year without rightful claim or authority. Hence, all financial gains and benefits accrued from the use of this land must be used to build a Holy Mosque on this sacred plot.

Make him understand that his trespasses have already cost him the lives of his two young sons. However, if he remains obstinate, he should brace himself for a severe and unimaginable punishment from Allah Almighty."

Upon receiving these poignant words from my Master, I respectfully inquired, "O' Master and Lord! May I receive some definitive signs to authenticate your message, for without them people may doubt my word?"

The Imām(a) assuaged my concerns: "We shall mark some special signs delineating the boundaries of the Holy Mosque, corroborating the truth of your statement. Go, and relay my message to the people."

The Imām(a) added: "Seek out Sayyid Abūl Ḥasan, request his aid in visiting Ḥasan b. Muslim, and together collect the past years' earnings from the farmland. This money shall serve as the foundation for the mosque's construction. The remaining funds shall be collected from my property in the village of Rehaq in the Ardhaal region (near the city of Kashan), and thus, the remaining structure of the Holy Mosque will be completed. Furthermore, half of the village of Rehaq's estate has been endowed for the upkeep of the Holy Mosque, and the annual income from this endowment is to be devoted to its maintenance and habitation."