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Beyond Masjid al-Kūfa, no site in this region holds a candle to the merits and honour of Sahla1 mosque. This mosque served as the dwelling of both Prophet ʾIdris(a) and Prophet Abraham(a), as well as the abode of Khiḍr(a).

  • Abū Baṣīr recounts a conversation with Imām Ṣādiq(a), who prophesied that Imām Mahdī(a) and his kin would one day make Sahla mosque their home. Each Prophet dispatched by the Almighty Allah has prayed in this mosque, and those who reside there earn the spiritual reward equivalent to dwelling in the tent of Allāh's Messenger(p). This sacred site, which houses a rock adorned with the likenesses of all Prophets, is a magnet for the hearts of true believers.

  • Imām Ṣādiq(a) assured Abū Baṣīr that a sincere supplication within this mosque would be answered by Allāh, and those who seek sanctuary within its walls will undoubtedly be shielded from their fears by the Almighty. In response to this, Abū Baṣīr acknowledged the unparalleled virtue of the mosque.

  • Imām Ṣādiq(a) confirmed this, revealing that the mosque is a favoured location for divine petitions, continually visited by angels offering their worship to Allāh. He declared his wish to live next to the mosque and perform all his prayers there, hinting that there was even more to be said about its significance.

  • Abū Baṣīr, seeking to confirm the rumours, asked if the Rising Imām would indeed reside there indefinitely. The Imām(a) affirmed this belief with a simple "Yes, he will."

  • ʿAbdul Raḥmān b. Kuthayr shares a recollection: Imām Ṣādiq(a) once queried Abū Ḥamza Thumālī, "Abū Hamzah, did you witness my uncle during the night of his rebellion?"
    To which Abū Hamzah answered affirmatively. The Imām(a) continued, "Did his prayers take place in the mosque of Suhail?"

    Abū Hamzah, confused, questioned, "Where might this mosque of Suhail be located? Could you possibly be referring to Sahla mosque?"

    Imām(a) confirmed his query, "Indeed, that's the one. Had he performed two raka'at there and sought Allāh's refuge, he would have been granted Allāh's protection for an entire year."
    Surprised, Abū Hamzah asked, "May I be sacrificed for your sake! Are these truly the unique attributes of the mosque known as Sahla?"

    Imām(a) responded affirmatively before adding more intriguing details. "Sahla mosque," he explained, "is home to the house of Ibrahim(a), the very place he took a stand against the giants. It harbours the house of ʾIdris, where he used to sew. It encompasses the location where the rider (Prophet Khiḍr) tethered his camel. Within its premises lies a green rock, bearing the images of all prophets. The clay beneath this rock is the same from which Allah created all the prophets. The location of Miʿrāj (the Prophet's ascension) is a part of this mosque, known as Fārūq al-'Aẓam.

    Sahla mosque is a significant part of Kūfa that people must traverse. From it, the trumpet will sound and the masses will be summoned. On Judgment Day, 70,000 people will arise from the side of Sahla mosque, to be admitted to paradise without reckoning. They are the righteous ones Allah has blessed, the devout who will be the first to receive their reward. They are humble, fearful of Allāh's judgment, and eager to obey Him and perform good deeds. With the awareness that Allah sees everything they do, they live in the assurance of no accountability or punishment. Allah is the remover of punishment and purifier of believers. The historical mountain of Ahwān, once teeming with life, rose from the heart of this mosque."

  • Abū Bakr Ḥadramī shares a dialogue: He once queried Imām Ṣādiq(a), "What holds the highest honour after Masjid al-Ḥarām and Masjid al-Nabawī?"

    To this, Imām(a) responded, "Indeed, it is Kūfa. Abū Bakr, understand that Kūfa is a land of purity and virtue. It houses the sacred resting places of messengers, prophets, and the truthful successors. Within its precincts lies the Masjid of Suhail, a holy site where every prophet sent by Allah has offered prayers. This very city will witness the reappearance of Allāh's justice, represented by Imām Mahdī, who along with his successors, shall reside here. It is, undeniably, the sanctuary of prophets, successors, and the righteous."


  1. Sahla Mosque, also known as al-Suhayl Mosque, Banū Ẓafar Mosque and ʿAbd al-Qays Mosque.