Imām Mahdī(a)

Importance of Praying for Imām(a)

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Supplication is the believer's shield, deflecting adversities and confronting challenges. It is the vessel by which desires are reached. For every believer, the heartfelt aspiration is the safe return of Imām Mahdī(a), unscathed by any misfortune or calamity. Among the obligations we hold towards him is to prioritise his wellbeing in our prayers and invocations.

Naturally, we direct our initial prayers towards that which holds the greatest importance to us. There is none more esteemed than Imām Mahdī(a), and nothing holds greater urgency than his safe return. It is paramount that our first supplication following each prayer be for the sake of Imām Mahdī(a). Our day should commence and conclude with fervent prayers for the safe return of our esteemed Imām(a).