Imām Mahdī(a)

Importance of Praying for Imām(a)

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Supplication is a weapon of the believer through which he repels calamities and encounters difficulties. He attains his desires with its help. The reappearance of Imām al-Zamān(a) and his being safe from all evils and calamities is the heartfelt desire of every believer. One of the rights that he enjoys upon us is that we should pray for him, first and foremost, in our supplications and invocations.

Naturally, we always pray for that thing first which enjoys utmost significance in our eyes. Nobody is greater than Imām al-Zamān(a) nor is anything more important than his reappearance. It is necessary that after every prayer, our first supplication be in favour of Imām al-Zamān(a). We must begin and end our day with the prayers for the reappearance of our beloved Imām(a).