The Reward for Visitors

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  • Imām Ṣādiq(a) said: Once, my father, Imām Bāqir(a), inquired from a servant who had just questioned him about the ziyārah of Ḥusayn(a), "Whose ziyārah are you planning, and who do you hope to gratify by this?" The servant answered, "Allah." My father explained, "Those who perform one prayer behind Ḥusayn's grave, seeking divine proximity, will face Allah on Judgment Day, radiating a brightness so intense it will envelop all that behold them. Allah will distinguish those who perform ziyārah of Ḥusayn(a), shielding them from hellfire. They will have unhindered access to the pool of Kawthar, with no one surpassing them. Amīr al-Muʼminīn(a) will be present at Kawthar, greeting them and quenching their thirst. They will then proceed to their heavenly dwellings, guided by an angel designated by Amīr al-Muʼminīn(a). This angel will command al-Ṣirāṭ, the bridge over hellfire, to bow before them and forbid Hell from harming them with its searing flames. They will traverse al-Ṣirāṭ in the company of the angel dispatched by Amīr al-Muʼminīn(a)."

  • Hishām b. Sālim relays: A man approached Imām Ṣādiq(a) and inquired, "O son of Rasūl Allah! Is it necessary to perform the ziyārah of your father, Ḥusayn(a)?" The Imām(a) affirmed, "Yes, and offer prayer alongside his grave. However, do not pray directly in front of the grave; stand behind it during prayers instead."
    Piqued, the man further queried, "What is the reward for those performing his ziyārah?" The Imām(a) replied, "Paradise, given they accept his Imāmate." The man pressed on, "What of those who deliberately ignore performing his ziyārah?" The Imām(a) responded, "They will be filled with regret on the Day of Judgement." He then asked, "What of those who dwell by his grave for a few days?" The Imām(a) disclosed, "Every day equates to a thousand months of worship."
    Persistently, the man asked, "And what of those who spend money while journeying to his ziyārah and give charity near his grave?" The Imām(a) enlightened him, "Every dirham becomes the equivalent of a thousand dirhams." The man questioned, "And those who pass away en route to him?" Imām(a) reassured, "Angels will present them with embalmment and shrouds from Heaven, attend their funerals, perform prayers over them and enshroud them again. They will adorn their graves with flowers and expand them in all directions. A door to Heaven will open to their graves, and its tranquil fragrance will permeate their final resting place until the end of time."
    Interested, the man probed, "What about those offering prayers next to him?" Imām(a) articulated, "Those who perform two units of prayer beside him will have their prayers answered by Allah." The man inquired, "And those who perform ritual cleansing with Euphrates water before visiting Him?" Imām(a) asserted, "Their sins will be washed away, returning them to a state of purity akin to their birth."
    The man ventured, "And those facilitating others' visitations, but abstaining themselves due to fear of adversity?" Imām(a) conveyed, "Allah will reward them abundantly, repelling destined afflictions and safeguarding their wealth." The man asked, "And those slain near Ḥusayn(a), or captured and killed by oppressive rulers?"
    Imām(a) elaborated, "Their sins will be absolved with the first drop of blood shed. Then, angels will purify the clay from which they were made. Any impurities mixed with their original clay will be removed until it is as pure as that of devoted prophets. Their hearts will be cleansed, and their faith fortified. They will be gifted the power of intercession for their kin and a thousand fellow believers. Their shrouds and embalmment will be heavenly, their graves expanded, and adorned with lamps and a gateway to Heaven. After the angels deliver divine gifts, they will be transported to the sacred sanctuary of Ḥatheerat al-Quds. There, they will accompany the divine until the end of days. They will be amongst the first to be greeted by The Messenger of Allah(p), Amīr al-Muʼminīn(a), and the Imāms(a), and led to (the pool of) Kawthar to drink and share the water at their discretion."
    Intrigued, the man asked, "What of those imprisoned during ziyārah?" Imām(a) responded, "For every day of their imprisonment until the Day of Judgment, they are bestowed a unique reward. If they have experienced physical abuse during their captivity, each instance of violence bestows upon them the reward of one hoori. Each moment of physical suffering contributes one million virtuous deeds to their tally, eradicates one million of their sins, and elevates their status by one million ranks. On the Day of Judgment, they will engage in conversation with The Messenger of Allah(p) while others are in the throes of judgment. The bearers of the throne will greet them with a handshake, and they will be invited to voice their desires to Allah.
    Those who subjected them to violence during their incarceration will be summoned for judgment. However, they will not face any inquiries; instead, they will be seized by their upper arms and delivered to an angel who will offer them a drink of Ḥameem1 and a drink of Ghisleen2. Subsequently, they will be stationed over the flames of Hell, and it will be announced, 'Experience the consequences of the harm you inflicted upon this individual, who was a guest of Allah and His Messenger(p).' Subsequently, the abused will be led to the entrance of Hellfire, where they will be instructed, 'Observe those who harmed you and the punishment they are enduring. Are you content with the vengeance meted out on your behalf?' Overwhelmed by divine justice, the victims will respond, 'All praises be to Allah, who ensured our triumph and that of the progeny of His Messenger(p).'"

  • ʿAbdullah b. Bukayr narrates: Imām Ṣādiq(a) proclaimed, "O"' son of Bukayr! Six sacred places on Earth have been handpicked by Allah; Bayt al-Ḥarām (Kaʿba), Masjid al-Ḥarām, the burial sites of the prophets and the successors, the martyrdom spots of the martyrs, and the mosques where Allah's name is remembered. O"' son of Bukayr! Are you aware of the reward for those visiting the grave of Ḥusayn(a), despite its neglect by the ignorant?" Every dawn, an angel beside Ḥusayn's grave announces, "O seekers of blessings! Approach Allah"'s chosen one (i.e., Imām Ḥusayn(a)), to return in honour and evade regret!" This call echoes through the east and west, heard by all except mankind and jinn. Hearing this, Earth's angels flock to Ḥusayn's visitors in their slumber, glorifying Allah in their vicinity and imploring Allah to favour them. The celestial angels that hear this call respond by exalting Allah. Their voices escalate until the residents of the first sky echo so loudly that the inhabitants of the seventh sky and the prophets hear them. They, the angels of the seventh sky and the prophets, then implore Allah to shower mercy and blessings upon Ḥusayn(a), and pray for those performing his ziyārah.


  1. A drink of boiling water; see Holy Qurʾān 6:70

  2. A drink of filth; see Holy Qurʾān 69:36