Visiting Out of Love

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  • Imām Ṣādiq(a) relates: "On the Day of Judgment, a caller will announce: 'Where are the visitors of Ḥusayn b. ʿAlī?' A large number of people will rise, only known in their exact count to Allah the Exalted. They will be asked, 'What did you intend by visiting Ḥusayn(a)?' They will respond, 'O Lord, we came to him out of love for the Messenger of Allah, and love for ʿAlī, Fāṭima, and out of mercy for him for what was perpetrated against him.' They will then be told, 'Here are Muḥammad, ʿAlī, Fāṭima, Ḥasan, and Ḥusayn, join them, for you will be with them at their station. Follow the standard of the Messenger of Allah.' They will then proceed to the standard of the Messenger of Allah, they will be under its shade and the standard will be in the hand of ʿAlī(a), until they all enter Paradise together. They will be at the forefront of the standard, on its right, on its left, and behind it."

  • Abū Baṣīr relates: "I heard Imām Ṣādiq(a) state, 'Those yearning for paradise as their final abode must not neglect the ziyārah of the Oppressed One.' When I inquired about the identity of the Oppressed One, Imām(a) explained, 'Ḥusayn b. ʿAlī(a), the Master of Karbalā. Those drawn to him out of love for The Messenger of Allah(p), Amīr al-Muʼminīn(a), and Lady Fāṭima(a), will be graced by Allah with the honour of feasting at the heavenly banquet while others face judgment.'"

  • Imām Ṣādiq(a) said: "When Allah wishes prosperity for a person, He instills the love of Ḥusayn(a) and his ziyārah in their heart. Conversely, when Allah intends to punish, He fills their heart with disdain for Ḥusayn(a) and his ziyārah."