Ziyārah of Allāh on His Throne

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  • In a conversation with Imām Ṣādiq(a), Zayd Shaḥām sought clarity on the rewards for visiting the grave of Ḥusayn(a). The Imām(a) equated such individuals with those visiting Allah on His throne. Upon further inquiry about the merits of visiting the graves of the Imāms, the Imām likened such people to those who had visited the Prophet Muḥammad(p) himself.

  • Imām Riḍā(a) once stated: "Those who perform ziyārah of Ḥusayn's grave by the banks of the Euphrates receive blessings akin to those visiting Allah on His throne."

  • Imām Ṣādiq(a) once proclaimed: "Those who perform the ziyārah of Ḥusayn's grave, while possessing true maʿrifah, will be recorded by Allah amongst the dwellers of the highest paradisiacal realms."

  • Ḥārūn b. Khārijah recounts the words of Imām Ṣādiq(a): "Allah will count those who, with deep understanding, visit the grave of Ḥusayn(a) amongst the inhabitants of paradise's loftiest realms."

  • As narrated by Ḥusayn b. Muḥammad Qummī, Imām Riḍā(a) once shared: "The ziyārah to my father, Imām Mūsā Kāẓim's(a) grave in Baghdad is as virtuous as visiting Prophet Muḥammad(p) and Amīr al-Muʼminīn(a), albeit each visitation carries unique blessings. Similarly, those who visit Imām Ḥusayn's grave by the Euphrates gain merit akin to those visiting Allah on His throne."

  • The narrative of Bashīr Dahān sheds light on his interaction with Imām Ṣādiq(a): "I used to partake in Ḥajj annually, but was unable to attend one year due to financial constraints. The next year, after performing Ḥajj, I visited the Imām who inquired about my absence from the previous year's Ḥajj. When I explained that I had spent the day of 'Arafa by Ḥusayn's grave due to others owing me money, the Imām reassured me: 'You have lost none of the rewards bestowed upon those in 'Arafa. Indeed, those who perform the ziyārah of Ḥusayn's grave with maʿrifah are akin to those visiting Allah on His throne.'"