Prolongs One’s Life & Increases Rizq

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  • Imām Bāqir(a) shares: "Our Shīʿa should be urged to visit the grave of Ḥusayn(a). This visitation not only increases their sustenance and extends their life but also averts misfortunes. This act is obligatory for every believer who acknowledges Ḥusayn's divine appointment as an Imām by Allah."

  • Manṣūr b. Hāzim recalls the stern admonition of Imām Ṣādiq(a): "Should a year elapse without a visit to Ḥusayn's grave, such an individual's life span is curtailed by a year. It's not far-fetched to say that the neglect of this visitation could potentially reduce a life by thirty years. Those who perform ziyārah are granted a longer life and abundant sustenance, while the neglectful face a shorter life and reduced provisions. So, inspire each other to visit Ḥusayn's grave, for he will intercede on behalf of his visitors before Allah, the Prophet Muḥammad(p), Lady Fāṭima(a), and Amīr al-Muʼminīn(a)."

  • According to Imām Ṣādiq(a): "Avoiding a visit to Ḥusayn's grave will result in the loss of countless blessings and a reduction in lifespan by a year."

  • Muḥammad b. Marwān recounts Imām Ṣādiq's words: "Strive to visit Ḥusayn's grave at least once a year. Those who do so with a clear understanding of his position, without denial, will be rewarded with paradise, increased sustenance, and instant joy for the blessings bestowed by Allah."

  • 'Abdul Malik Khath'ami narrates the advice Imām Ṣādiq(a) gave him: "Never neglect visiting Ḥusayn b. ʿAlī's grave and encourage your friends to do the same. This action assures you of a prolonged life, increased sustenance, a blissful life, a joyful death, and you will be listed among those blessed with joy."