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  • Sa’ad b. Sa’ad narrates: I asked Imām al-Riḍā(a) about the ziyārah of Fāṭima(a), the daughter of Imām Mūsā al-Kāẓim(a).

    Imām(a) replied, “Those who perform her ziyārah will be rewarded with paradise.”

  • The son of Imām al-Riḍā(a) narrates:“Those who perform the ziyārah of my aunt in Qom will be rewarded with paradise.”

  • Imām al-Sādiq(a) has said: “A lady from my offspring, by the name of Fāṭima will be buried in Qom. Whoever visits her, will certainly be admitted to Heaven.

  • Imām al-Sādiq(a) has also said: “Visiting her earns Heaven.”

  • Sa’ad b. Sa’ad al-Ashʿarī narrates: I asked Imām al-Ridā(a) about the reward of performing the pilgrimage of Lady Fāṭima al-Ma’suma(a) and the Imām(a) replied, “Whoever visits her, his reward will be Heaven.”

  • Imām al-Ridā(a) said: “Whoever visits her, while knowing and being aware of her high status, the reward for him will be Heaven.”

  • Imām al-Ridā(a) said: “Whoever visits al-Ma’suma in Qom, it is like he has visited me.”

  • A Shi`a went to perform the pilgrimage of Imām al-Ridā(a) and after the pilgrimage he decided to go to Karbalā. On his way, he saw Imām al-Ridā(a) in a dream. Imām(a) said to him, “Why did you not also pass through Qom and perform the pilgrimage at the grave of my sister?”

  • Mullā Haydar Khānsārī narrates from Imām al-Ridā(a): “Whoever is unable to perform my pilgrimage, he should perform the pilgrimage of my brother in Ray (Ḥamza, buried near ʿAbd al-ʿAẓīm) or my sister (Lady Fāṭima al-Ma’suma(a)) in Qom. He will get the same reward as he would for performing my pilgrimage.”

  • Imām Muḥammad al-Jawād(a) has said: “Whoever visits my aunt in Qom, will enter Heaven.”