Salutation Prayer of the Holy Mosque

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The first two units (raka'at) should be offered with the intention of paying one's respects to the mosque and should be performed in the following manner:

In each unit (raka'a), after recital of Sūrah Hamd, Sūrah Ikhlas should be recited seven times. Also, during the ruku'1 and prostration (sujud), repeat the following seven times respectively:

"subḥana rabbi al-'aẓimi wa bi ḥamdih"2 or "subḥān Allāh"3;

and "subḥana rabbi al-'alā wa bi ḥamdih"4 or "subḥān Allāh".


  1. Ruku' (Arabic: الرکوع) is among the elements of prayer and refers to bowing down to the extent that the fingers of the praying person's hands reach his knees

  2. Arabic: سبحان ربّي العظيم و بحمده, exalted be my lord the great and I praise him

  3. Glory be to Allāh

  4. Arabic: سبحان ربّي الأعلی و بحمده, exalted be my lord the highest and I praise him