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Excluding Masjid al-Kūfa, no place in this region can match Masjid al-Sahla1 in merits and honor. Majid al-Sahla was the house of Prophet ʾIdris(a) and Prophet Abraham(a). It was also the abode of al-Khiḍr( a).

  • Abū Baṣīr has reported that Imām al-Ṣādiq(a), once, said to him, “Abū Muḥammad, I see coming that the Rising (al-Qāʾim) Imām(a), accompanied by his family members and dependants, shall reside at Masjid al-Sahla, which he shall betake as his house. All the Prophets that Almighty Allāh sent offered prayers at this mosque, and one who resides there will have the reward of residing in the tent of Allāh’s Messenger(s). A true believer’s heart must long for that place, which contains a rock carrying the images of all Prophets. Verily, any one who offers a prayer in this mosque and beseeches Almighty Allāh with sincerity shall have his needs settled by Almighty Allāh. Also, any one who betakes this mosque as shelter shall definitely be protected by Almighty Allāh against that which frightens him.”

    Abū Baṣīr answered, “This is in fact an unmatched virtue.”

    The Imām(a) added, “Yes, it is. This place is one of the places at which Almighty Allāh desires to be besought. Each day and night and without cessation, the angels visit this mosque to worship Almighty Allāh therein. Verily, were I to live next to that mosque, I would perform all my prayers there. Abū Muḥammad, there is more to mention about this mosque.”

    Abū Baṣīr commented, “May Allāh accept me as ransom for you! Will the Rising Imām live there forever?” “Yes, he will,” answered the Imām(a).

  • ʿAbd al-Raḥmān b. Kuthayr narrates: I heard Imām al-Ṣādiq(a) ask Abū Ḥamza al-Thumālī, “O Abū Hamzah! Did you see my uncle on the night of his uprising?” Abū Hamzah replied, “Yes”.

    Imām(a) asked, “Did he pray in the Masjid of Suhail?”

    Abū Hamzah replied, “Where is the Masjid of Suhail? Are You referring to the Masjid al Sahlah?”Imām(a) replied, “Yes. If he had prayed two raka’at there and then sought refuge with Allāh, then he would have found protection with Allāh for one year.”

    Abū Hamzah asked, “May my mother and father be sacrificed for you! Are these truly the attributes of the masjid which is known as the Masjid of Sahlah?”

    Imām(a) replied, “Yes.” Then Imām(a) continued and said, “The Masjid of Sahlah contains the house of Ibrahim(a) where he rose against the giants. It contains the house of ʾIdris where he use to sew. It contains the place where the rider ties his camel (Prophet Khiḍr). It contains a green rock that has all of the images of the prophets within it and the clay under this rock is the clay from which Allāh created all of the prophets. The Miʿrāj (ascension of the Prophet) occurred in a part of this masjid known as Fārūq al-‘Aẓam. Masjid al-Sahlah is part of Kūfa and the people must pass through it. The trumpet will be blown from it and the people will be called towards it. 70,000 people will be resurrected from the side of Masjid al-Sahlah and they will enter paradise without having to face the reckoning. They are those whom Allāh has made righteous and increased His blessings upon. They are the devoted ones who will be rewarded first. They do not like to hear praise about themselves and are terrified of being judged by Allāh with His justice. They hasten to the obedience of Allāh and in performing good deeds. They are fully aware that Allāh sees all that they do. They will not have to face accountability or punishment. Allāh is the remover of punishment and purifier of the believers. The mountain of Ahwān, a very old mountain populous in the past, rose up from the middle of this masjid.”

  • Abū Bakr al-Ḥadramī narrates: I asked Imām Jaʿfar al-Ṣādiq(a), “What is the best place after al-Masjid al-Ḥarām and al-Masjid al-Nabawī?”

    Imām(a) replied, “Kūfa. O’ Abū Bakr! Kūfa is a pure and virtuous land. It contains the graves of the messengers, the prophets and the truthful successors. Therein is also the Masjid of Suhail in which every prophet sent by Allāh has prayed. Allāh’s justice (i.e. Imām al-Mahdī) will reappear from this city. Al-Qāʾim(a) and those who will lead after him shall live in it. Indeed it is the place of the prophets, the successors, and the righteous.”


  1. Al-Sahla Mosque, also known as al-Suhayl Mosque, Banū Ẓafar Mosque and ʿAbd al-Qays Mosque.