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  • Sa'ad b. Sa'ad relates: In a conversation with Imām Riḍā(a), I inquired about the ziyārah of Fāṭima(a), daughter of Imām Mūsā Kāẓim(a). The Imām(a) responded, "Paradise will be the reward for those who perform her ziyārah."

  • The son of Imām Riḍā(a) shares: "Performing the ziyārah of my aunt in Qom bestows upon the devotee the reward of paradise."

  • Imām Sādiq(a) affirmed: "A woman named Fāṭima from my lineage will be laid to rest in Qom. Any who visit her shall indeed be welcomed into Heaven."

  • Furthermore, Imām Sādiq(a) expressed: "A visit to her will secure a place in Heaven."

  • Sa'ad b. Sa'ad Ashʿarī narrates: In a dialogue with Imām Ridā(a), I asked about the merit of performing ziyārah of Lady Fāṭima Ma'suma(a). The Imām(a) clarified, "A visit to her corresponds to the reward of Heaven."

  • Imām Ridā(a) proclaimed: "A visit to her, cognisant and appreciative of her lofty status, assures the visitor a place in Heaven."

  • Imām Ridā(a) equated: "Visiting Ma'suma in Qom is akin to visiting me."

  • A pilgrim, after visiting Imām Ridā(a) and planning to proceed to Karbalā, encountered Imām Ridā(a) in a dream. The Imām(a) asked him, "Why did you neglect to also journey through Qom and perform ziyārah at my sister's grave?"

  • Mullā Haydar Khānsārī relays from Imām Ridā(a): "Those unable to make my ziyārah should instead visit my brother in Ray (Ḥamza, buried near ʿAbdul ʿAẓīm) or my sister (Lady Fāṭima Ma'suma(a)) in Qom. They will receive the equivalent reward as if they had made my pilgrimage."

  • Imām Muḥammad Jawād(a) has stated: "A ziyārah to my aunt in Qom secures one's place in Heaven."